Personal Freedom for Everyday Athletes

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Feeling run ragged by your calendar and to-do list?  Do you constantly find yourself wishing for more hours in the day?

Maybe you feel pressure to DO IT ALL, all the time

Perhaps you're in a bit of a slump with your training - feeling directionless without a race on the calendar and wishing for some motivation and accountability

Maybe you're kicking ass in your running!  And feeling a little... stuck somewhere else.  Wondering about the career you've chosen; wondering if your burn out is a phase or a red flag.  Wishing you had more of a social life, more fun, more friends, more romance.  Starting to wake up a bit and question... is this the life I chose?  Something's missing.  Perhaps you KNOW what you want... and you're stalling... or think you can't get there... not yet... I'll do it later... when I'm older... when I have more time, more money, more freedom...

Coaching can help you get there now

Learn to prioritize and optimize your schedule and responsibilities while creating time for REST and FUN!

Find a perfect balance between training, social and family time, and work - without feeling spread too thin!

Build momentum and consistency with your training!  We'll come up with strategies and realistic goals to get you on track!

Gain the clarity, conviction, and freedom to start working towards what you really want!

Everything you want is right in front of you, it's possible... and it's time!


My Clients

Passionate endurance athletes balancing full schedules with training, work, family and social time

Motivated to create change and increase fulfillment in life

Value accountability and realistic training, fitness, and nutrition goals

"Tina always asks the right questions, and knows exactly how to make her clients feel valued. I always looked forward to our calls because I knew she was going to help push me toward my goals, while also creating a safe space for me to share. I couldn't have asked for a better coaching experience."

Anna B, Indianapolis IN


Coaching Philosophy

The ability to design and choose what you want to do with your one and only life is the epitome of freedom

Change is a fact of life; you have the power to be intentional about your evolution

Creating a happy and fulfilling life requires a journey within

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About Me

I have changed, and continue to change, my life

I believe endurance training is the reason I’m capable of great change and supports me through it

I have done a lot of personal work to develop healthy tools to manage anxiety and to free myself from ideas about who I should be and what I should do

I’m passionate about empowering athletes to a balanced and fulfilled life