About Me


I have changed.  

Or, more accurately, I am changing; embracing and loving where I am while also moving towards new goals and dreams.  I love my life right now; I feel free to be me, do what I want to do, and go where I’d like to go.

Sometimes I feel like I’ve found the secret to happiness  

I didn’t always feel this way though.  For many years I struggled... with everything it seemed - anxiety, depression, debt, weight, drinking, dating, the list goes on.  I was caught under the heavy idea of ‘keeping up’ and I couldn’t keep up.

A few years ago, I began making changes in earnest.  I started asking myself questions like “Why am I so unhappy?” and “What do I actually want?” and was willing to listen to the honest, small voice inside.  I dug myself out of $20,000 in debt then saved up to buy my first house. I ended a relationship that wasn’t the right fit after we started the marriage talks.  I changed how I was eating and exercising and lost 40 pounds. I decided my relationship with alcohol was limiting my potential and blocking me from myself so I quit.  I stopped trying to keep up and started letting myself just be... and my world began opening up.

Why was I able to make these changes?

  1. Because I’m a runner

  2. Because I sought and received wise guidance

To the first point - I believe running underlies my capacity for change - the exact qualities that make me an endurance athlete made me supremely capable of initiating and sustaining major life changes, while the meditative mental and emotional health effects of running kept me sane during the stress and confusion of change.  I processed those big important questions during long runs. I ran out my anxiety, frustration and doubt.

Running is where I find myself and where I lose myself; it’s my foundation and my baseline


To the second point - I believe in creating my own unique path and I also believe I don’t have to figure it out on my own.  For all the things I do know, there are a million things I don’t know, and countless people who have been down similar paths with invaluable experience and wisdom to share.  I had life changing conversations; mentors, teachers and coaches who opened my mind to new possibilities, helped me see where I was limiting myself, gave specific, tailored advice, and provided support, encouragement, and accountability.

Change is hard.  It takes patience, vision, dedication, faith, resilience, self-awareness and consistent effort over time.  It takes endurance.  I became a coach because I want to continue having life changing conversations.  I love working with everyday athletes; I believe they have every skill they need to create the balanced and fulfilled life they desire and I want to support them on their path - however it looks to them.

I balance running and coaching with work in research, time with family, socializing and dating, meditation groups, creative hobbies, TRAVEL (current personal goal is to complete the 6 World Major Marathons!), reading, learning, and other personal development.