My clients

  • Passionate endurance athletes juggling career, family life and social life

  • Seeking to create change and fulfillment in one or more areas of life outside of fitness

  • Dedicated and focused high achievers interested in pushing their limits

  • Mentally tough, confident, independent and ambitious

  • Adventurous and curious to explore the world

  • Dreamers and do-ers

With the support of coaching, they are:

  • Balancing full schedules with training, work, and quality family and social time

  • Creating freedom and space in their calendars for the things that matter most to them

  • Developing goals and action plans for a more fulfilled life

  • Finding clarity, support and accountability

  • Setting realistic training, fitness, and nutrition goals to take their game to the next level

  • Empowered to budget, plan, train and travel to their dream destination races